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> Thanks for these replies.  I will jump in and try them out.
> For all the cheers about GIT, If find it incredibly difficult to use
> (or to even understand)
> I appreciate the support.

I wonder if you have any prior experience with other version control
systems.  Git was my third VCS (after CVS and Subversion; oh, well, I
also used Visual Source Safe and RCS), and the first distributed one,
and I recall that at first I did have great trouble understanding how on
Earth I would just freaking create a repository to begin with!

Now I understand that the centralized model was so entrenched in my
gray matter that I simply fumbled around trying to find any HOWTO or
a blog post which would map my usual Subversion routine -- go to the
server, initialize a repo there, set it up, return back to the client,
check it out -- to that of Git, and there were literally none.  None!
And all that -- given the huge volume of material available online on
Git even back then when I started using it (something like Git 1.5.x).
I was deeply frustrated ;-)

My problem clearly was in applying certain mental patterns entrenched
in me after mastering two centralized VC systems to a system which used
a set of completely different paradigms.

That's why I'm asking.  If you have a centralized VC model controlling
your thinking about version control, -- that's one thing.  We can help
you unlearn that and learn the new ways.

If, conversely, Git is your first VCS that's a wholly different thing.
Then the problem is supposedly the complexity of the set of paradigms
you have to master to fully understand how a DVCS system, and Git,
works.  Once you know that, using Git won't be hard.  In other words,
the oft-cited claim Git UI is hard is mostly a red herring -- for
instance, try making yourself around, say, Mercurial or Fossil, without
reading 2-3 intros or HOWTOs, and you'll see that there's nothing
ingerently "self-evident" about their UIs as well.  As they say,
«the only truly self-evident user interface is the mother's nipple».
Anything else requires understanding the underlying paradigms.

If that's your case, I'd recommend to start with [1] to get the basics
of a DVCS conveyed in the simplest form possible.  Then some more deep
intro material might help.  Depends on your overall skill level in IT.

1. http://tom.preston-werner.com/2009/05/19/the-git-parable.html

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