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> Thanks for these replies.  I will jump in and try them out.
> For all the cheers about GIT, If find it incredibly difficult to use (or
> to even understand)

​Well, although git is great for _me_, there are many who find it arcane
and confusing. But, honestly, it took me a while to get the basics down.
And there are _lots_ which real experts, like Konstantin, know which are so
far above my head, I can't even see them [grin/]. I guess it depends on a
persons mind-set. Especially if they have used some other source control
system before (Subversion users really seem to get tied up in knots because
they want to "just check out one file or branch, not everything" which is
just not how git is designed).​

> I appreciate the support.
> —Kenoli

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