> On Sun, Apr 16, 2023 at 2:31 PM Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> wrote:

> You cannot push a branch you don't have. Obviously.

> But you can create the branches without checking them out, as I
> already explained:

>   git for-each-ref --format='git switch %(refname:lstrip=3)' 
> refs/remotes/origin

> Or you can push the commit of a remote branch:

>   git push hg-remote remotes/origin/modernize:modernize

> It's not clear what would be the best thing to do here because you
> haven't explained your use-case.

Here is what I do

* Step by step

    1) git clone g...@gitlab.com:kalthad/matlab-emacs-default.git
    2) mkdir mercurial-emacs-default
    3) cd mercurial-emacs-default
    4) hg init
    5) cd ../matlab-emacs-default
    6) git remote add hg-remote hg::../mercurial-matlab-emacs-default/
    7) git for-each-ref --format='git switch %(refname:lstrip=3)' 
    8) git config remote.hg-remote.push 'refs/heads/*:refs/heads/branches/*'
    9) git branch -a
    10) git push hg-remote default  (works)
    11) git push hg-remote remotes/origin/modernize:modernize


error: The destination you provided is not a full refname (i.e.,
starting with "refs/"). We tried to guess what you meant by:

- Looking for a ref that matches 'modernize' on the remote side.
- Checking if the <src> being pushed ('refs/remotes/origin/modernize')
  is a ref in "refs/{heads,tags}/". If so we add a corresponding
  refs/{heads,tags}/ prefix on the remote side.

Neither worked, so we gave up. You must fully qualify the ref.
hint: The <src> part of the refspec is a commit object.
hint: Did you mean to create a new branch by pushing to
hint: 'refs/remotes/origin/modernize:refs/heads/modernize'?
error: failed to push some refs to 

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