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> So as you can see the git hashed was not copied.
> So if I wished to use that repository and push via hg-git I cannot
> because hg tells me that there are commits missing and when I pull, he
> just pulls everything his way (that is converting git branches into
> bookmarks) and so doubling the commits!

It's not hg, it's hg-git. I presume you want to pull from a git
repository, not from an hg repository. It should be possible to write
a script that uses git-remote-hg to clone a hg repository and then
leaves it ready for the hg-git plugin to be used on top of it.

But I don't understand your use-case. If you want to use hg, then use
hg-git, if you want to use git, then use git-remote-hg.

You can use git-remote-hg to mirror a git repository and create an hg
repository, but you need to keep using git-remote-hg to keep updating
that mirror, if you do "hg pull" it would have to be from that mirror,
not the original git repository, as that would use hg-git, not

> I see two solutions here
>     1. Your scripts copies the git hashes. That would be simply great
>        because it would allow a round trip. Unfortunately, you told me,
>        that you, stopped the development.

Looking at the code my understanding is that the hg-git plugin creates
that gitnode information on-the-fly, it's not stored anywhere in the
hg repository. So if you remove or disable that hg-git plugin, the
information disappears.

git-remote-hg does create an exact replica of the hg repository
itself, so you can do a round trip. But it's not an hg plugin, so it
doesn't provide that gitnode extra information. That's something only
an hg plugin can do.

I said I stopped development in the past, but I'm working on it again.

>     2. I work on the converted repository, but then pull from the git
>        repository and then push the pull commits to the remote server.
>        However some questions
>        1. If I create a hg named branch and I pull it, will it be
>           translated into a git branch.
>        2. What happens if I use the evolve extensions (which hides
>           certain commits), would everything pulled, or would the hidden
>           be ignored (as say should be).

I don't know. I would need to see an example.

Felipe Contreras

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