> On Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 3:05 PM Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> wrote:

>      git push hg-remote remotes/origin/modernize:refs/heads/branches/modernize

Does not push the git branch modernize to the named branch modernize, sorry

> Only if you don't specify the refspec, which is the typical way to push.

You mean, in layman terms, checkout the remote branch?

>     git push hg-remote hairyblocks

> That would be translated to a refspec:

>     git push hg-remote refs/heads/hairyblocks:refs/heads/branches/hairyblocks

> But if you are already specifying the refspec, nothing gets translated.

> It does, but you haven't created the local branches, soyou can't do
> `git push foo`, if "foo" doesn't exist.

> But you are going to need to do that only once.

So to sum it up:

    1. If I wish to push (remote) gitbranches as hg named branches, I have first
       to check them out to have local ones? That seems the strategy I followed 
from the
       start, but then I understand your comments, that I can somehow
       save that step your find at least a faster way

So you suggested 

>   git for-each-ref --format='git switch %(refname:lstrip=3)' 
> refs/remotes/origin
> Or you can push the commit of a remote branch:
>   git push hg-remote remotes/origin/modernize:modernize

That this would save me to step to checkout the branches, but

git push hg-remote remotes/origin/modernize:modernize

Does not create a named branch.

And concerning 

git for-each-ref --format='git switch %(refname:lstrip=3)' refs/remotes/origin

You later told me, 

UB> But after using the command I obtain
UB> git switch HEAD
UB> git switch copyright
UB> git switch default
UB> git switch documentation
UB> git switch fontlockhang
UB> git switch hairyblocks
UB> git switch mac_init
UB> git switch modernize
UB> git switch shellcomplete
UB> git switch strings
UB> git switch usage1
UB> git switch wisent-parser

FC> Those are *suggestions* of what you should run. It doesn't do
FC> anything, and obviously you shouldn't do `git switch HEAD`.

So how should this command help me to avoid checking out each remote

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