I have a suggestion.  The git mailing list is really trying to get some real 
documentation done at the moment.  I think we can help out.  The 
documentation, and it's ease of being able to be found and read, will be what 
makes git useful for everyone.  First off, there is going to be documentation 
for core git, which will be for the 'plumbers'.  Then, I think there should 
be documentation for the end user.  In my opinion, this is going to be 
Cogito, it is by far the most mature and involved of the projects that use 
git to make something usable.  I think that we could provide a major role by 
bringing together the documentation for the git software.  

I also think that we have to make this known to the git mailing list, before 
git-1.0 comes out!  This means that we need the structure set up for the 

In my opinion, this will be simple, i.e. a page for all documentation, then 
within this, a page for documenting the 'plumbing' git, and a page for 
cogito.  Within this, we can have any structure, of which I am not entirely 
sure, but that can emerge as we (and hopefully the developers), start to 
write to it.

How about a wiki for this, I have had some experience with wiki's, and I love 
them.  Anyone can then help!  We can have static pages describing the 
overview, and a wiki for each part of the project.

IMHO, it's critical we get this part working quickly, like _right now_.  Am I 
being overambitious?  Tell me so if you think so.

Any suggestions?  Please say so.  Let's make git-source _the_ page for git!  I 
think it's more than possible for us.

P.S.  a little suggestion.  When you put a page inside of page in typo3, the 
menu does not make the links to the nested pages smaller (do you know what I 
mean?).  This would be a nice feature.  Should be simple, just don't know 

Sorry for the ramble,


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