Denny Schierz wrote:

>> IMHO, it's critical we get this part working quickly, like _right
>> now_.  Am I
>> being overambitious?  Tell me so if you think so.
>you're right, how long do you think, need to write the english part?

Right. I cannot write it all by myself, but I am happy to give it a good go. Is there anyone else that is interested in working on this? I can start by bringing in the efforts already made on the gml (git mailing list).

Structure is required.


* Plumbing Git (do this first?)
        * General overview
        * Tutorials
                * How to start a repo (pull from gml)
                * How to make changes, commit, etc (there are tutorials
                                        about this somewhere on gml)
                * how to convert cvs2git (gml)
        * Individual program overview and technical details
          (Bring from git-* --help, or within source files)

* End-user git - suggestion: follow cogito
        * Similar to above, but lets work it out after we do the above

What do you think?


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