Couldn't agree more with you re the need to really get some content
going. If someone wants to pick either Git or Cogito I can take the
other as I have been planning on doing a proper write up to follow up
what I have written before.

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 09:46, Rhys Hardwick wrote:
> Right,
> I have a suggestion.  The git mailing list is really trying to get some real 
> documentation done at the moment.  I think we can help out.  The 
> documentation, and it's ease of being able to be found and read, will be what 
> makes git useful for everyone.  First off, there is going to be documentation 
> for core git, which will be for the 'plumbers'.  Then, I think there should 
> be documentation for the end user.  In my opinion, this is going to be 
> Cogito, it is by far the most mature and involved of the projects that use 
> git to make something usable.  I think that we could provide a major role by 
> bringing together the documentation for the git software.  
> I also think that we have to make this known to the git mailing list, before 
> git-1.0 comes out!  This means that we need the structure set up for the 
> documentation. 
> In my opinion, this will be simple, i.e. a page for all documentation, then 
> within this, a page for documenting the 'plumbing' git, and a page for 
> cogito.  Within this, we can have any structure, of which I am not entirely 
> sure, but that can emerge as we (and hopefully the developers), start to 
> write to it.
> How about a wiki for this, I have had some experience with wiki's, and I love 
> them.  Anyone can then help!  We can have static pages describing the 
> overview, and a wiki for each part of the project.
> IMHO, it's critical we get this part working quickly, like _right now_.  Am I 
> being overambitious?  Tell me so if you think so.
> Any suggestions?  Please say so.  Let's make git-source _the_ page for git!  
> I 
> think it's more than possible for us.
> P.S.  a little suggestion.  When you put a page inside of page in typo3, the 
> menu does not make the links to the nested pages smaller (do you know what I 
> mean?).  This would be a nice feature.  Should be simple, just don't know 
> how!
> Sorry for the ramble,
> Rhys
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