>>>>> "LT" == Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

LT> Hey, all the code I write is always perfect, of course ;)

And you are always right ;-)  Liked that blast-from-the-past?

LT> That said, I'm having some trouble merging with your perfect code,
LT> especially since I decided that Russell's "always big-endian" thing was
LT> definitely the right way to go (but ended up doing it slightly
LT> differently).

LT> I did my own version of "upcate-cache --cacheinfo", although
LT> mine is a bit more anal, and if you add a new filename it
LT> wants that "--add" flag in there first (why? I really like
LT> to make sure that people who add or remove files from the
LT> cache say so explicitly, so that there are no surprises).
LT> Otherwise it should be compatible with yours.

Thanks.  Not honoring "--add" was an oversight on my part.

LT> And I merged your "Add -z option to show-files", but you had
LT> based your other patches on Petr's tree which due to my
LT> other changes is not going to merge totally cleanly with
LT> mine, so I'm wondering if you might want to try to re-merge
LT> your mergepoint stuff against my current tree?

My pleasure.  I am currently not that interested in toilet part
than I am interested in plumbing part, so rebasing my tree back
to yours is no problem for me.  Currently I see your HEAD is at
461aef08823a18a6c69d472499ef5257f8c7f6c8, so I will generate a
set of patches against it.

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