* Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>   Hi,
>   just FYI, Olivier Andrieu was kind enough to port his monotone-viz 
> tool to git (http://oandrieu.nerim.net/monotone-viz/ - use the one 
> from the monotone repository). The tool visualizes the history flow 
> nicely; see
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz1.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz2.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz3.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz4.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz5.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz6.png
>       http://rover.dkm.cz/~pasky/gitviz7.png
> for some screenshots.

really nice stuff! Any plans to include it in git-pasky, via 'git gui' 
option or so? Also, which particular version has this included - the 
freshest tarball on the monotone-viz download site doesnt seem to 
include it.

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