* Olivier Andrieu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  >  Preprocessor error
>  >  make: *** [viz_style.cmx] Error 2
> That's probably because the configure script didn't find camlp4. 
> Camlp4 is a preprocessor for ocaml, it's needed for compiling this 
> file (viz_style.ml). Camlp4 is built with the ocaml compilers but some 
> package it separately. Try to find and install some ocaml-camlp4 (or 
> camlp4) package and then re-run configure.

ah, ok. I installed camlp4-3.08.3-1, and this also solved the other 
build problem as well that looked like to be a PATH problem.

when i run git-viz in a git-controlled directory, it seems to start up 
fine, but i get an error message: "Could not execute dot". Closing that 
window gives me the ability to do an 'Open', but git-viz does not seem 
to recognize any of my GIT repositories as such. (perhaps there's some 
GIT version dependency? I've got Linus' latest & greatest installed.)
> The configure script should signal an error when it doesn't find 
> camlp4, I'll change that.

fyi, it also didnt check for ocaml and lablgtk.

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