* Olivier Andrieu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  > - naming the boxes by key is quite meaningless. It would be more 
>  >   informative to see the author's email shortcuts in the boxes. Also, it 
>  >   would be nice to see some simple graphical feedback about the size and 
>  >   scope of a changeset, without having to zoom on it.
> That's interesting. What do you mean exactly by scope ?

usually there are two interesting things about a patchset: how many 
lines does it change, and how many files. Patches that change lots of 
files (but change only a couple of lines in every file) have a 'large' 
scope.  Patches that change 1-2 files have a 'small' scope. A pure 
'number of lines changed' metric is useful too. Generally patches that 
have either a large linecount or a large scope are more interesting.  

(I'm not sure how this could be displayed - perhaps the size of the 
rectangle could vary to a certain degree? Perhaps the shape too?  
Something non-numeric, so that one gets immediate visual feedback.)

>  > i guess you know it, and i'm definitely not complaining about prototype 
>  > code, but rendering is quite slow: drawing the 340 changesets in the 
>  > current kernel repository takes 15 seconds on a 2 GHz P4. Drawing the 
>  > full kernel history (63,000 changesets) would take more than 45 minutes 
>  > on this box.
>  > 
>  > the current rate of kernel development is ~2000 changesets per month, so 
>  > drawing the kernel history will get 3 seconds slower every day - it will 
>  > exceed 1 minute in 20 days, so this will become a pressing issue quite 
>  > soon i suspect.
> Right, it is slow. From what I could understand with a bit of 
> profiling, the problem is with the "text" canvas item for the boxes' 
> labels. I guess libgnomecanvas isn't using Pango properly or 
> something: it lookups the font with fontconfig each time I create such 
> an item. I'm not sure what I can do about this.

when the redrawing happens in the visible area then one can see how 
really slow it is: 100-200 msec per rectangle (!).

> It works with Petr Baudis' git-pasky (it calls `git diff'). I don't 
> know how to do that with the canonical git.

ah, ok. I guess it will start working once Petr's changes are merged 
into Linus' tree.

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