Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Ok, I tagged a "v0.99" thing, and pushed it out. I've also made trial 
> RPM's of it: src, ppc64 and x86. They're build on whatever random machines 
> I had, and on the ppc64 I chose to do it on my FC4 machine that has newer 
> libraries than my YDL one. The x86 thing is FC3, I do believe.
> I haven't really verified the RPM's in any other way than a trial 
> installation on one machine, and "gitk" seemed to work. Whoop. The idea 
> being that this is a good way to check whether the rpm target works, _and_ 
> cogito can have something to build against.

A couple of pieces.  The dist target has assumes git-tar-tree is in the
path.  Making it so you have to have git installed to build the rpm.

The man pages are not built. The build dependencies do not call out
the tools necessary to build the man pages.

And it does not pass my torture test of building rpm's on debian,
but that is not a huge problem.

Are you still up for a patch that records who and when made a tag?
I sent one but it seems to have been lost.

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