Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> A couple of pieces.  The dist target has assumes git-tar-tree is in the
>> path.  Making it so you have to have git installed to build the rpm.
> Yes. Maybe we could relax that requirement by using "./git-tar-tree" or 
> something? That still requires that you have _built_ git to do the rpm, 
> but at least you won't have had to install it.
> Does that fit the rpm build process? Or does an rpm build make something 
> like that really inconvenient? I don't know, patches welcome.

That would be sane.  The reason I worry about having it installed is
that if git-tar-tree changes without building first you will run
the old version instead of the new one.

>> The man pages are not built. The build dependencies do not call out
>> the tools necessary to build the man pages.
> Most people don't have asciidoc, and I'm not sure we want to require it. 
> Maybe we could have a separate "make man-rpm" target for that?

Or just have a make man target and only require the rpm to use it.
You certainly want to require making the man pages when building
the rpm.  Which means only those people who build rpms or build
man pages need asciidoc.  

>> And it does not pass my torture test of building rpm's on debian,
>> but that is not a huge problem.
> Ok, why is debian problematic? 

Mostly because debian is not rpm based.  If you are real careful
you can build rpm's on debian.   It is almost as bad as complaining
that git does not build on windows with Microsoft's compiler.  I was
getting a really generic error.  I need to look into it deeper to see
if is something that is avoidable.

> Is there some missing dependency or 
> something? I really haven't ever done an rpm, and the git rpm target was 
> all done by Chris Wright, so I don't have any clue at all. Again, patches 
> welcome.

Will do.

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