Wonderful start.

Later on, Porcelains could agree on what @TOKEN@ are generally
available, and even start using a common script to pre-fill the
templates, like:

  $ git-fill-template-script <template> <output-file> var=val var=val...

In your example, I see AUTHOR_NAME, AUTHOR_EMAIL, and
AUTHOR_DATE (I'd use GIT_AUTHOR_NAME etc to match existing
environment variables, though) would be something that are
probably common across Porcelains, and the Porcelain would not
even have to bother passing them as the command argument to
fill-template.  About FILELIST, the default would be to do
"git-diff-cache --name-only HEAD", but if a Porcelain keeps
track of "modified" files differently it can be overridden by
passing FILELIST as an explicit parameter.

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