Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Cogito shows '[NMD] filename' in place of @[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sounds sensible.  Does it parse it to limit the files to be

> This brings me to another subject, M and N are pretty hard to
> distinguish visually without close inspection of the output. What about
> switching to use A instead of N everywhere?

Although I admit that is minor, I've had the same problem, and
this sounds like a good idea.

However, I'd like to see what the extent of damage would be even
if everybody agrees this is a good change.  Any one of core
barebone Porcelain, Linus git-tools, gitk, gitweb, Cogito, and
StGIT would have a veto over this kind of change, or at least we
should wait until everybody catches up.

If we all decide to go ahead, the transition would not be so
painful, since we do not currently say 'A', the Porcelains can
start accepting 'A' as synonym for 'N' today, and then later we
can change the tools to produce 'A' instead of 'N'.

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