Paul Mackerras <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Yes, I agree.  I'm happy to send you an email when I have committed
> changes to gitk if that will help.

Please do not waste your time on that doing it regularly, but do
not hesitate to drop me a note if you have something newsworthy.
I always fetch from (not necessarily merge with) a couple of
repositories before starting my git day, in order to sanity
check the status of my private work repository.  Your repository
is among them, so I'll usually notice.

> He did ask me first, and I said he could :).  It makes things easier
> for me, having gitk in the core git, because it means that I don't
> have to worry about making a proper package out of it.  I don't see
> any reason why gitk would grow to be more than just the script.

Understood.  So let's keep the current arrangement.

> I am also thinking of doing a "gitool", somewhat like bk citool, to
> make it easier to create commits.  I guess we can decide later whether
> to make it part of the core git, although it seems more like porcelain
> than gitk.

Sounds like it.


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