A git tag object can have its own text contents, but I do not
see how I can get to it from gitweb.  

For example, I have "junio-gpg-pub" tag in my git.git
repository.  This is a tag to a "blob" which is my public GPG
key.  The "tag" object itself says:

    object b92c9c07fe2d0d89c4f692573583c4753b5355d2
    type blob
    tag junio-gpg-pub
    tagger Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1123226972 -0700

    This is the GPG key I use to sign GIT releases.

to tell people that they can use it to verify the tags signed by
me.  I would appreciate that this description is visible
somewhere from gitweb.  Clicking on the link just spews out the
blob contents, which is the ascii armored public key.

Of course I _could_ add textual description outside the ascii
armor in this particular case, but that approach would not work
in general --- my next funky tag _could_ point to a JPEG picture
with the tag description that says "my beautiful wife" ;-).

I realize that I am going tangent, but it would be very cool if
gitweb understood a tag payload that said something like this:

    object b02c0c07fe2d0d80c4f602573583c4753b5355d2
    type blob
    tag my-beautiful-wife
    tagger Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1123226072 -0700

    object-content-type: image/jpeg
    Here is a textual description of the blob being pointed at
    by this tag.  For this example, it should say "this is my
    wife's picture" or something like that.

No, I am not going to create that tag.

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