Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A git tag object can have its own text contents, but I do not
> see how I can get to it from gitweb.  

I just realized that this is also unavailable in gitk, so please
consider this as a feature request to gitk as well.

If you can pop-up a temporary window that shows the tag contents
when I hover over a tag icon for 2 seconds, and remove that
temporary window when step outside it would be ideal.  It is up
to you to implement the part to show my wife's picture, reading
"object-content-type: image/jpeg" thing ;-).  That one was not a
serious request.

I have two more requests to gitk, which are related to each
other but not related to the "tag contents" one above:

 - if "gitk --all" slurped not just refs/heads and refs/tags but
   everything under refs/* recursively, that would help
   visualizing the bisect status.  bisect creates bunch of
   commit object names in refs/bisect.

 - I have not looked at the code closely enough, but I cannot
   find how to re-read references.  I would appreciate it if it
   allowed it.  This relates to the bisect status visualization,
   where the set of references changes _after_ the user started

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