Josef Weidendorfer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> ~/tmp/git/clone2> cg-push
> 'refs/heads/branch2': updating from 80e4d426dd4c865b943cc1121b580a946eee921d 
> to 8196067677e3415ce404ea5bc35731ac7d56115d
> fatal: bad object f7e944b036fd00af656b262140c1dc93ceffadb1
> Packing 0 objects
> Unpacking 0 objects


Yes, we read from the remote and use old->sha1 when doing the
pack generation.  If we do not have that object (in Josef's
example because it is not something we have pulled yet), then
rev-list has no way to create the necessary pack.

I have a feeling this explains what I've been seeing as well.
The first thing I do before I push is to fetch (but not
merge-pull) from, but this happens against (to make sure people are seeing what I want them
to see), not against master.  So if I happen to do my push cycle
twice before the things propagate from master to,
_and_ if I happened to have run git prune in my private
repository just before the second cycle, I may end up not having
the objects referenced by "pu" branch there in my private

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