Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Now, for extra bonus points, maybe you should make "git-rev-list" also 
> understand the "rev..rev" format (which you can't do with just the 
> get_sha1() interface, since it expands into more).

Hmph.  That makes sense.

What I set out to do when I started ripping extended_sha1 out of
rev-parse was actually something else.

Remember I was stupidly wondering why "git log master..gitk" did
not do what I wanted to?

The reason I started looking at git-rev-parse was because I
wanted to add "git log master...gitk" (three dots) which is
equivalent to "git log $(git-merge-base master gitk)..gitk".
That was what I wanted to have when I asked that stupid

But unfortunately my GIT day this week is over, so the rest is
for the weekend.

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