On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Josef Weidendorfer wrote:
> Yes it is. To reproduce:
> Create a repository with 2 branches.
> Make 2 clones of the 2 branches via SSH.
> Make a commit on one clone and push.
> Make another commit on the other clone and push => ERROR

This works perfectly fine, you just have to make sure that you update the 
right head.

If you try to update a head that is ahead of you, that is driver error. 
Admittedly one that could have nicer error messages ;)

This is why git-send-pack takes the name of the branch to update..

The real problem with git-send-pack is that the local and remote names 
have to be the same, which is a bug, really. It _should_ be perfectly fine 
to do something like

        git-send-pack ..dest.. localname:remotename

which would push the local "localname" branch to the remote "remotename" 

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