On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> While I have not updated the send-pack <src>:<dst> syntax, I
> added a horrible hack that some people may love to see.  This
> removes the need to use git-rev-parse from many commands.

Yes, I think this makes sense. We had three different sha1 parsers: 
get_sha1(), get_sha1_hex(), and get_extended_sha1().

None of the users of get_sha1() really have any reason to want the limited
form, so I think your patch does the right thing.

Now, for extra bonus points, maybe you should make "git-rev-list" also 
understand the "rev..rev" format (which you can't do with just the 
get_sha1() interface, since it expands into more).

Of course, most people don't tend to use git-rev-list directly, so maybe 
that's not a biggie, and so git-rev-parse is fine.

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