Linus Torvalds writes:

>  - "clickable" SHA1's in commit messages would be really really cool if 
>    something like that is even possible with tcl/tk.

Done, and it was even pretty easy.  It took only about a dozen lines.

>  - I'd like to have a "back button". Not just for the above kind of thing, 
>    but in general too: when searching for something, it would just be very 
>    nice if gitk just kept a list of the <n> last commits that have 
>    been selected, and there was a web-browser-like button that went 
>    back/forward in history.

Good idea.  Also done. :)  It's on now in my gitk.git
directory.  Hopefully Junio will pull it into git soon.  The current
version also squishes the graph horizontally if it gets too wide
(i.e. more than half the width of the top-left pane).

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