Catalin Marinas wrote:

>Once you want a subset of these patches merged into MAIN, just pop
>everything from the stack and only push those you want merged, in the
>order you want (if there are some dependencies, the push will fail and
>you can correct them or the order). When you are happy with the
>patches pushed on the stack, just do a 'git pull <HEAD>' in the MAIN
>repository. After this, doing a 'stg pull <MAIN>' in the HEAD one will
>mark the patches already integrated into MAIN as empty and you can
>safely remove them ('stg clean' does this automatically).
>This way I found StGIT useful for maintainers as well, not only for

Sorry if the answer is silly, but I still don't know well StGIT .

What you describe it's an asymmetrical or one way scenario, new code 
goes always from HEAD to MAIN. But how is the workflow if:

1) There is more then one contributor feeding MAIN and you need to update 
the StGIT patch stack from MAIN.

2) You made something terribly wrong with HEAD (I don't know what can be 
'terribly wrong') and you need to recreate a clean base from MAIN.

In this cases, if I understand correctly, you need to clone a new StGIT archive 
MAIN and push the interesting stuff from old/broken HEAD.

Or you can always merge back pulling from MAIN as in case of two pure git 


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