Daniel Barkalow wrote:

>>2) Practical: The round trip git-format-patch + git-applymbox is the logical 
>>natural way to reach this goal or, also in this case, I intend to stretch 
>>some tools,
>>designed for one thing, for something else?
>I'd guess that git-diff-tree + git-apply (without the rest of the
>scripting) would be more effective when you're not doing anything with the
>intermediate files, since it saves doing a bunch of formatting and
It would be surely better, but I need to import also the original subject and
description. I can use git-diff-tree --pretty -p for the patch creation, but 
format is not compatible with git-apply* scripts, and the git command git-apply 
not import subject + description info.

Of course I can feed proper subject and description to git-commit but I would 
to find something less intrusive as possible, ie. one command for patch export, 
command for patch import.


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