Catalin Marinas wrote:

>The base of the StGIT stack in the HEAD repository (branch) should
>always be the head of the MAIN repository. 

That's the point I missed, now it's more clear.

>That's how you would normally do development on Linux using StGIT -
>clone the mainline kernel, create patches in your StGIT tree and submit
>them either via e-mail or ask the gatekeeper to pull directly from your
>tree (assuming that you only push those patches that need to be merged).
>Doing a 'stg pull' would retrieve the latest changes from the mainline
>kernel (including the changes made by your patches which were merged

If I uderstand correctly you never commit patches from StGIT stack directly
in your base git repository, in this example git HEAD, but you always round 
trip to MAIN. 

Then you don't have two git repository: HEAD and MAIN

Infact there is only one git repository, MAIN, cloned on your box and called 
HEAD and 
with a StGIT stack added on top.

>Please let me know if this needs further clarification.

I think so. 
Please, reading my notes above tell me if I thinking right ;-)


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