On Sun, 4 Sep 2005, Horst von Brand wrote:
> > I had the same opinion.  The counter-argument people raised when
> > this topic came up on the list was that it would help grepping
> > in the source tree.
> Grepping for what?

Grepping for strings.

For example, when renaming a binary, the sane way to check that you fixed 
all users right now is

        grep old-binary-name *.c *.h *-scripts

and you catch all users.

In contrast, "grep *" will catch totally uninteresting patterns like 
object files etc.

I personally find that very useful, and I don't see _any_ point to naming 
by what _kind_ of interpreter you use. Why would _anybody_ care whether 
something is written in perl vs shell? There's no reason to name things by 
the interpreter.

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