Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, David Kågedal wrote:
>> But to the users (like myself), there's no point in naming it by
>> whether it's a script or a binary. 
> So? There's no downside.
> To you, as a user, you never see the "-script" ending anyway. You'd never 
> type it out, or you're already doing something wrong.

Then I'm doing something wrong.  And I'm pretty sure others are
too. If I'm not supposed to see the "-script" ending, then don't
install it in my $PATH.

Until someone (possibly myself) writes some zsh completion code to
handle git sub command, I will continue to hit TAB and see all those

Furthermore, the man page for "git clone" is called
"git-clone-script(1)".  And the "-script" suffix appears inside the
documentation in various places.  I see it in howtos and log messages.
And the git-merge-one-file-script script is supposed to be used in a
way where I have to supply the long name.  Etc.

If the "-script" part is supposed to be hidden from me, why do I keep
seeing it everywhere I turn?

> So to users it doesn't matter, and to developers it _does_ matter (and 
> calling them ".pl" or ".sh" or something would be _bad_), why not please 
> the developers?

I'm not suggesting we'd call them ".pl" or ".sh".

David Kågedal

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