Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> I would like to see the patch applied so the remote-svn series without
> it gets shorter and easier to review. ;-)  Munging the two context
> lines ending with argv_array_clear(&importer_argv); to
>       free(fastimport.argv);
>       fastimport.argv = NULL;
> makes this patch apply against master.  Does it look ready for
> application to you?  If you'd like, I can send a copy rebased against
> 'master'.

No need for that; "git apply -3" as well as "git am -3" can grok
this just fine ;-)

>> +    /*
>> +     * If the remote helper advertised the "refspec" capability,
>> +     * it will have the written result of the import to the refs

perhaps s/will have the written result of/would have written result of/?
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