Michael G Schwern <schw...@pobox.com> wrote:
> That's the part that doesn't matter.  People matter.

> What I'm trying to say is I have much less interest in doing it without the
> overloading.  It's not interesting to me.  It's no fun.  No fun means no
> patch.  No patch means no improvement.  No improvement is the worst of all
> possible options.

We want to ensure the code you contribute can be improved by others, not
just you.  I thank you for your changes so far, other developers should
find it easier to contribute to git-svn.

> I had a lot of enthusiasm for this project when I came in.  I like refactoring
> Perl code.  I like git.  That's all but sunk at how painful and slow and
> nit-picking the process has been.  We've barely talked about the content of
> the patches I've submitted, it's all process.  This is no fun.

I haven't found objections to the actual code you've contributed so far.
I'll be applying your changes once I've had a chance to reread/test

Yes, we are nitpicky about process, but I think it's important to
maintain that consistency given the number of contributors we attract.

I'll also need to review/rewrite some of the Subject: lines so they make
sense when read in --pretty=oneline/shortlog output. (unless you want to
volunteer to resubmit that).
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