Robert Luberda <> wrote:
> While importing changes from SVN by `git svn fetch' strip any
> white spaces from beginnings and endings of SVN commit messages
> and skip adding a new line character before `git-svn-id:'
> line in case the commit message ends with another pseudo-header
> (like From:, Signed-off-by: or Change-Id:, etc.).
> This patch allows one to use gerrit code review system on git-svn-managed
> repositories. gerrit expects its `Change-Id:' header to appear in the
> last paragraph of commit message and `git-svn-id:' following a new
> line character was breaking this expectation.

I've long wanted to change this, but it breaks compatibility if folks
are importing from the same repo, sharing changes and one upgrades

How about making this optional and configurable at init/clone time?
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