Eric Wong wrote:


> I've long wanted to change this, but it breaks compatibility if folks
> are importing from the same repo, sharing changes and one upgrades
> git-svn.

Yes, I'm aware of this. That's why in our team at work everybody is
forced to use the modified version of git-svn:)
[ A bit of background: we have recently started using git svn at after
our main repository had been migrated to svn. Previously git over
clearcase approach was used; we established some workflow and a part of
it was to use gerrit for code reviews, however it turned out to be
hardly possible with git svn. On the other hand the lack of error
handling was pretty annoying when changes get rejected by svn pre-commit
hook. That's why I wrote the two patches I sent today. ]

> How about making this optional and configurable at init/clone time?

I don't think it will be hard to make it configurable. I can try to make
such a change, do you have any preferences about the option and
configuration key names?

Thanks a lot,
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