Eric Wong <> writes:

> Robert Luberda <> wrote:
>> I have been quite a busy recently, so it took me longer that I thought.
> No worries, thanks for following up.
>> It was quite hard for me to think some sensible option name, and finally
>> have chosen --trim-svn-log (svn.trimsvnlog as config key name). Please
>> let me know if such name is ok for you. If not, I'll try to find a
>> different one (but as I wrote I'm not really good at giving names to
>> options/functions/variables, etc. :()
> I think having "svn" in "svn.trimsvnlog" twice is redundant and not ideal.
> Perhaps just --trim-log and svn.trimlog?

Do we ever want to trim "our" log when relaying the Git commits back
to subversion?  Having "svn" in "trimsvnlog" makes it clear that the
logs from subversion side is getting trimmed.

> Default behavior should not change, especially not without warning.

Makes sense.
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