Robert Luberda <> wrote:
> I have been quite a busy recently, so it took me longer that I thought.

No worries, thanks for following up.

> It was quite hard for me to think some sensible option name, and finally
> have chosen --trim-svn-log (svn.trimsvnlog as config key name). Please
> let me know if such name is ok for you. If not, I'll try to find a
> different one (but as I wrote I'm not really good at giving names to
> options/functions/variables, etc. :()

I think having "svn" in "svn.trimsvnlog" twice is redundant and not ideal.
Perhaps just --trim-log and svn.trimlog?

> I considered making the option a default one for new git svn clones, so
> that existing repositories would use the older approach, but I gave up
> the idea, and implemented the simpler solution, in which the option must
> be given explicitly if one needs the new behavior. If making it a
> default for new clones would make sense for you, I can try to implement
> this as well.

Default behavior should not change, especially not without warning.

> For consistency, the `--add-author-from' option was modified not to add
> an extra new line before 'From: ' line when the newly introduced option
> is in effect.


> I'm sending a new patch in next e-mail, could you please look at it and
> share any comments you might have? One thing I was not sure about is the
> requirement, introduced in the change, of having a whitespace character
> after a colon in pseudo-header lines
> (e.g. `From:somebody <>' won't be considered as a
> pseudo-header) - is this consistent with a way git handles
> headers/pseudo-headers?

Both git-send-email and git-am check for space after these headers,
so git-svn should, too
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