Eric Wong wrote:
> "Michael G. Schwern" <schw...@pobox.com> wrote:

>> This patch series fixes git-svn for SVN 1.7 tested against SVN 1.7.5 and
>> 1.6.18.  Patch 7/8 is where SVN 1.7 starts passing.
> Thanks Michael.  I've made minor editorial changes (mostly rewording
> commit titles to fit the larger project).

Thanks from me as well.  I'm still worried about whether the increased
use of canonicalize_url will introduce regressions for the existing
SVN 1.6 support, and I should have time to look it over this weekend.

The comment in canonicalize_url "There wasn't a 1.6 way to do it" is
not true.  The relevant thread on the git list had a little
conversation about keeping svn 1.4 support, but I'm not sure why
that's relevant, given that svn_canonicalize_path has worked largely
the same way starting with SVN 1.1 (and on the other hand had
significant changes in SVN 1.7).

Hopefully you've looked this over carefully already and I'm worrying

Hope that helps,
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