Jonathan Nieder <> wrote:
> Thanks from me as well.  I'm still worried about whether the increased
> use of canonicalize_url will introduce regressions for the existing
> SVN 1.6 support, and I should have time to look it over this weekend.
> The comment in canonicalize_url "There wasn't a 1.6 way to do it" is
> not true.  The relevant thread on the git list had a little
> conversation about keeping svn 1.4 support, but I'm not sure why
> that's relevant, given that svn_canonicalize_path has worked largely
> the same way starting with SVN 1.1 (and on the other hand had
> significant changes in SVN 1.7).
> Hopefully you've looked this over carefully already and I'm worrying
> needlessly.

Thanks for reminding me, I went back to an old chroot 1.4.2 indeed
does fail canonicalization.

Will bisect and squash a fix in.
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