Hi everyone.

I'm quite fond of git, and have used it for a while.
Recently, I've started making printed circuit boards (PCBs) using an 
application called OsmondPCB (for Mac), and I'd like to use git to track 
changes on these.
This application was originally written for the old Mac OS (Mac OS 6 to Mac OS 
The old Mac OS does not use LF, nor CRLF for line endings, but only CR.

I've read that git supports two different line endings; either CRLF or LF, but 
it does not support CR.
Would it make sense to add support for CR (if so, I hereby request it as a new 
feature) ?
The alternative is to ask the developer if he would change the file format, so 
that new versions of his software would change the files to end in LF, but he'd 
have to be careful not to break compatibility.
If the software is to be changed, this would not fix similar issues that other 
people might have.

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