Hi Jeff and Drew.

Excellent. I now removed the repository from the server, removed it from my 
gitolite.conf, added it to gitolite.conf, re-initialized and it works.
git diff shows what I wanted.

Thank you *very* much for making my dream come true. :)
-And thank you all for all the hard work you're doing. -Git is how all other 
open-source projects should be: Well-written and well-defined (oh - and fast!). 


On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 14:23:44 -0400, Jeff King wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 08:17:20PM +0200, Jens Bauer wrote:
>> In my home directory, I have a .gitconfig file, here's the 
>> interesting part:
>> [core]
>>         editor = nano
>>         excludesfile = /Users/jens/.gitexcludes
>>         attributesfile = /Users/jens/.gitattributes
>> [filter "cr"]
>>         clean = tr '\\r' '\\n'
>>         smudge = tr '\\n' '\\r'
>> In my home directory I added .gitattributes:
>> *.osm   filter=cr
> Looks right.
>> Now, when I clone the project, make a change and then issue this command...
>> $ git diff mypcb.osm
>> ...I get a strange diff. On line 3, one of the files shows a lot of 
>> control-m (<cr>) lines.
>> After that, I see <lf> lines, all prefixed with a '+', as if they 
>> were added.
>> I think I might be nearly there, just missing some obvious detail 
>> somewhere.
> Yes, that's expected.  The point of the "clean" filter is to convert
> your working tree file into a canonical (lf-only) representation inside
> the repository. But you've already made commits with the cr form in the
> repository. So you can choose one of:
>   1. Make a new commit with these settings, which will have the
>      canonical format. Accept that the old history will be funny, but
>      you will be OK from here on out.
>   2. Rewrite the old history to pretend that it was always LF. This
>      gives you a nice clean history, but if you are collaborating with
>      other people, they will need to rebase their work on the new
>      history. See "git help filter-branch" for details.
> -Peff
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