Hi Johannes.

I've changed...
        tr '\\r' '\\n'
        tr '\\15' '\\12'

...As you are right in that it is more correct. (Then in theory, it would be 
[I once came across tftpd, tried compiling it on a Mac, but it failed to work, 
because \r and \n were swapped on the compiler, so I asked the author to use 
\15 and \12, which made it fully portable]

It now works even better. I can't and won't complain - thank you. =)


On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 20:34:08 +0200, Johannes Sixt wrote:
> Am 13.09.2012 17:53, schrieb Jens Bauer:
>> Hi Jeff and Drew.
>> Thank you for your quick replies! :)
>> The diffs look nasty yes; that's my main issue.
>> It can be worked around in many ways; eg a simple (but time consuming) way:
>> $ git diff mypcb.osm >mypcb.diff && nano mypcb.diff
>> -It'd be better to just pipe it into a regex, which changes CR to LF 
>> on the fly.
>> OsmondPCB is able to read files that has mixed LF and CR. (By mixed, 
>> I do not talk about CRLF)
> That is good news. Just write a 'clean' filter that amounts to
>    tr '\015' '\012'
> You don't need a 'smudge' filter that reverts this conversion.
> -- Hannes
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