On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 08:17:20PM +0200, Jens Bauer wrote:

> In my home directory, I have a .gitconfig file, here's the interesting part:
> [core]
>         editor = nano
>         excludesfile = /Users/jens/.gitexcludes
>         attributesfile = /Users/jens/.gitattributes
> [filter "cr"]
>         clean = tr '\\r' '\\n'
>         smudge = tr '\\n' '\\r'
> In my home directory I added .gitattributes:
> *.osm   filter=cr

Looks right.

> Now, when I clone the project, make a change and then issue this command...
> $ git diff mypcb.osm
> ...I get a strange diff. On line 3, one of the files shows a lot of control-m 
> (<cr>) lines.
> After that, I see <lf> lines, all prefixed with a '+', as if they were added.
> I think I might be nearly there, just missing some obvious detail somewhere.

Yes, that's expected.  The point of the "clean" filter is to convert
your working tree file into a canonical (lf-only) representation inside
the repository. But you've already made commits with the cr form in the
repository. So you can choose one of:

  1. Make a new commit with these settings, which will have the
     canonical format. Accept that the old history will be funny, but
     you will be OK from here on out.

  2. Rewrite the old history to pretend that it was always LF. This
     gives you a nice clean history, but if you are collaborating with
     other people, they will need to rebase their work on the new
     history. See "git help filter-branch" for details.

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