On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 02:12:22PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> >   2. Minor fixups noticed by maintainer, fixed while applying.
> This includes different kinds of things:
>     a) Trivially correct fixes given in other people's review.
>     b) Minor fixups by the maintainer, to code.
>     c) Minor fixups by the maintainer, to proposed log message.
>     d) "apply --whitespace=fix" whose result I do not even actively
>        keep track of.
> [...]
> I think I can
>  * stop taking 2-a).  This is less work for me, but some
>    contributors are leaky and can lose obviously good suggestions,
>    so I am not sure if that is an overall win for the quality of the
>    end product;

Actually, I think the 2-a class is what often saves a re-roll. Somebody
points out a typo in a commit message or a comment, and it quite often
gets picked up by you without having another round-trip to the list.

If you want to save work by not doing so, that's fine with me. But this
is the gamble I was talking about. I think it's actually often less work
to do the fixup than to look at another re-roll (especially with the
"leaky contributor" thing where you have to make sure all fixes were
applied). So it's a win if it saves the re-roll, but sometimes you end
up having to look at the re-roll anyway.

>  * do a separate "SQUASH???" commit and send them out for 2-b).
>    This is a lot more work for a large series, but about the same
>    amount of work (except for "remembering to send them out" part)
>    for a small-ish topic.  A contributor needs to realize that I
>    deal with _all_ the incoming topics, not just from topics from
>    one contributor, and small additional work tends to add up.

I think these are largely the same as 2-a. You are just wearing two
hats, reviewer and maintainer. Which I guess lets you take a shortcut
sometimes (and just fix without mentioning it), but fundamentally the
"gamble" aspect is the same, I think.

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