From: "Johannes Schindelin" <>
Hi Philip,

On Fri, 5 Aug 2016, Philip Oakley wrote:

In the same vein, I always want,with my workflow, to use "fixup!

Good news for you: this is already supported. See here:

That's odd <knowing look>, I never saw any of that in the documentation...

Blame says it was 68d5d03 (rebase: teach --autosquash to match on sha1 in addition to message, 2010-11-04) which was before I discovered Git. Maybe another documentation fixup needed ;-)

Mind you I'm not sure about 22c5b13 (rebase -i: handle fixup! fixup! in --autosquash, 2013-06-27) which looks to only allow one fixup, but maybe I'm misreading. [e.g. recieve multiple fixups from the list, or need extra fixups as code of documentation is tested]

The capability is still good to know.

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