Hi all,

Before anyone tries to localize this round, I'd like to make some preliminary 

1.  In config.c, the changes to the function die_bad_number tried to flatten 
translated strings (no message building logic). I think it went too far, and 
the reason of the failure can be factorized so that we don't have to 
retranslate each time. I might be wrong on this one, but I have no example of 
language where we would need differentiated error reasons.

2.  in sequencer.c, there is a mistake in the original string to translate 
"Cannot revert during a another revert"

3. git-rebase--interactive, in this_nth_commit_message and 
skip_nth_commit_message are not localizable, because the logic of declination 
of numeral attributes is in the code and is really oriented towards English 
and doesn't make sense for other languages (with 28 strings to translate !). 
In this case, I would suggest to step back and just have a single string per 

If translators can quickly agree on these issues and maybe others I haven't 
seen, I can prepare a patch for review this weekend.


Jean-Noël (french translation)

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