Jean-Noël AVILA <> writes:

>> > 3. git-rebase--interactive, in this_nth_commit_message and
>> > skip_nth_commit_message are not localizable,
>> As the "TRANSLATORS" comment alludes to, "This is the Nth thing" can
>> be rephrased to "This is the thing N" or "This is the thing #N"
>> easily, and if that form without ordinal is acceptable for many
>> languages, we should say that it is also OK in C-locale without
>> translation.  So I agree that the recent change was pointless (even
>> though the result may be localizable).
> ...
>> so I do not think we cannot do it with ngettext().
> Let's cut it like this : first ten are literally translated, the following 
> ones 
> fall back to a general rule.

I actually once wrote "It is rare to squash dozens of commits into
one, so the first ten or dozen messages that spell the ordinals out
may be a good thing for readability", in the message you are
responding to, before realizing that the messages actually say
"1st", "2nd", etc., not "first", "second", etc., and scrapped that
part of the response.  I do not really see much point in forcing the
first ten to be translated differently.

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