I'm attempting to use the git-svn bridge, and am having problems with
line endings on Windows.

The setup is that we have a git repository on github, and I've checked
out a branch on my Windows machine using Tortoise svn.  I make
changes, commit them, and the branch is updated.  In general, this
works fine.

If this was just SVN, I could set the 'eol-style' for files to
'native' to let it know to expect Windows/linux/mac line endings for
particular files.  This seems to be handled in git by using the
'.gitattributes' file instead.  Unfortunately, the git/svn bridge
doesn't seem to be translate the information in the .gitattributes
file to appropriate eol-style settings in SVN.  Checking out a file
using SVN on Windows leaves me with a file without CRLF's, and if I
check in a CRLF file, that's the way it goes into the repository.
Differences in CRLF alone show up as 'real' differences that can be
checked in, and, if this happens, this causes problems with other
people's repositories.

Am I doing something wrong; is there another way to handle this; or
can I file this as a bug report/feature request?

Thank you!

-Lucian Smith
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