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Lucian Smith <> wrote:
> I'm attempting to use the git-svn bridge, and am having problems with
> line endings on Windows.
> The setup is that we have a git repository on github, and I've checked
> out a branch on my Windows machine using Tortoise svn.  I make
> changes, commit them, and the branch is updated.  In general, this
> works fine.
> If this was just SVN, I could set the 'eol-style' for files to
> 'native' to let it know to expect Windows/linux/mac line endings for
> particular files.  This seems to be handled in git by using the
> '.gitattributes' file instead.  Unfortunately, the git/svn bridge
> doesn't seem to be translate the information in the .gitattributes
> file to appropriate eol-style settings in SVN.  Checking out a file
> using SVN on Windows leaves me with a file without CRLF's, and if I
> check in a CRLF file, that's the way it goes into the repository.
> Differences in CRLF alone show up as 'real' differences that can be
> checked in, and, if this happens, this causes problems with other
> people's repositories.
> Am I doing something wrong; is there another way to handle this; or
> can I file this as a bug report/feature request?
> Thank you!
> -Lucian Smith

Lucian: Which version of git are you using?

As of git v2.3.0 and thanks to Alfred, the "git svn propset"
command exists for setting new props via git; however it
only got documented recently in v2.9.1.

It also seems to support setting props via "svn-properties"
in the .gitattributes file based on reading the code;
but I'm not familiar with this area, so I defer to Alfred.

Alfred: "svn-properties" isn't documented anywhere, yet;
is this something that should/could be documented?


cf. commit 83c9433e679635f8fbf8961081ea3581c93ca778
    ("git-svn: support for git-svn propset")

    commit 19a7f24b6f8aa89ea5899c928c2fa350f4b1521e
    ("git-svn: document the 'git svn propset' command")

Anyways I've never used SVN props much myself, so don't much
have experience in this area; nor do I have much experience
with git-side gitattributes.
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