Alfred Perlstein <> wrote:
> I hadn't anticipated there be to translation between svn props and
> .gitattributes, it sounds a bit messy but possible, that said, is it
> not possible to commit .gitattribute files to the svn repo?  Even in
> FreeBSD land such small token files are permitted.

I'm not sure if an automatic translation is necessary or
desired (because of a corruption risk).

Perhaps Lucian can clarify the situation for his repo.

> As far as documenting svn-properties, most of the properties are
> used on the Subversion side either by subversion itself, or by
> scripts in the subversion repository.  Perhaps a blurb "see the
> subversion documentation and/or your local subversion
> administrator's guide for properties and their uses." would suffice?

Yes, perhaps with a workable example Lucian can use today with
any git v2.3.0 or later.

Thanks for the quick response!

> Opinions?  Happy to look into it.
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