Thanks for the quick responses!

My situation is that the git side is entirely whatever is
running; presumably the latest stable version?  They provide a URL for
repositories hosted there that can be accessed by an SVN
client--somewhere on github is the 'git-svn bridge' (as I understand
it): something that receives SVN requests, translates them to
git-speak, and replies with what SVN expects.

There is indeed a .gitattributes file in the repository, but the SVN
client doesn't know what to do with it.  My hope was that something in
the bridge code, that translated SVN requests to git and back, could
take the SVN request, "Please give me this file; I'm on Windows" look
at the .gitattributes file in the repository, and hand out a file with
CR/LF's in it.  Conversely, when SVN tells git "Here is the new
version of the file to check in," the bridge could look at the file,
realize it had CR/LF's in it, look at the .gitattributes file to know
if it needed to be converted, and then convert it appropriately.

I can imagine a full-blown bridge that could even translate the SVN
EOL propset back and forth appropriately, but I'm not sure if going
that far is necessary and/or helpful.

I don't know if this is the right mailing list for that particular bit
of software, but it at least seemed like a good place to start.  Thank


On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 10:54 PM, Eric Wong <> wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein <> wrote:
>> I hadn't anticipated there be to translation between svn props and
>> .gitattributes, it sounds a bit messy but possible, that said, is it
>> not possible to commit .gitattribute files to the svn repo?  Even in
>> FreeBSD land such small token files are permitted.
> I'm not sure if an automatic translation is necessary or
> desired (because of a corruption risk).
> Perhaps Lucian can clarify the situation for his repo.
>> As far as documenting svn-properties, most of the properties are
>> used on the Subversion side either by subversion itself, or by
>> scripts in the subversion repository.  Perhaps a blurb "see the
>> subversion documentation and/or your local subversion
>> administrator's guide for properties and their uses." would suffice?
> Yes, perhaps with a workable example Lucian can use today with
> any git v2.3.0 or later.
> Thanks for the quick response!
>> Opinions?  Happy to look into it.
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