Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> The feature in question is also highly unlikely to be used as much by
> non-Windows users as by Windows users due to the unfortunate choice of the
> default setting for core.autocrlf.

My vague recollection from some years ago was that even among those
who were active in msysGit development there were people who
advocated for straight-thru and others who wanted core.autocrlf as
the default, but I do not know the current state of the affairs.

In any case, in the ideal future, I would imagine that we would want
to have "cat-file blob" to enable "--filters" by default; that would
make cat-file and hash-objects a pair of symmetric operations.

That certainly will not happen within 2.x timeframe, and the new
"cat-file --filter" feature can appear in 2.11 at the earliest, but
I think by that time (or with a few more cycles) we may have a
handful other improvements that are backward incompatible lined up
to urge us to think about bumping the version number to 3.0.  I
recall writing "Will keep in next to see if anybody screams" a few
times already, and they are all good excuses to invite a version

To prepare for that future, we would probably want to start updating
in-tree scripts (including the tests) so that they call "cat-file
--no-filter blob" whereever they currently say "cat-file blob" in or
soon after 2.11.  Of course, if some of them currently pipe
"cat-file blob" output to munge it to produce what --filters would
have done (I didn't check), we would want to rewrite them to use the
new feature "cat-file --filter blob" when we do so.  In short, there
won't be any "cat-file blob" call that does not have either --filters
or --no-filters, except the ones we write specifically to check the
updated default behaviour when that happens.

Would that sound like a good longer-term plan?
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